Miguel Duarte
Miguel Duarte

Atra Lux: four artists, four styles

Exhibition opens on October 13 at Aderita Artistic Space Gallery in Vale do Lobo

Marc Musso, Jacques Delpierre, Pedro Cruz and Miguel Duarte are the guest artists at new exhibition ‘Atra Lux’ opening at Aderita Artistic Space Gallery in Vale do Lobo on October 13 at 5.30pm.

Art curator Adérita Silva will bring to the gallery four styles reflecting pop culture, abstract painting, pointillism and sculpture.

Marc Musso (Paris) brings notes from the past in an interpretation of the pop culture he grew up with. “What could be more significant than a vinyl record cover to represent my entire generation? It’s a work of memory,” he says.

The artist explores Balinese batik, acrylics and collage, as well as the “drip and splash” technique, using materials such as rusty metal, tin cans and numerical photos. The result is a mixture of delicacy and raw material.

Jacques Delpierre

This is also evident in some of the works by Jacques Delpierre (Belgium). Adopting the pointillism technique, the artist uses powerful images of wild animals to humanise them. “They carry a character, maintain an impression of power and calm. I like this mixture… la force tranquille,” says Delpierre.

“I always start with an image, most of the time in colour,” Delpierre explains. “I work on it in Photoshop until I get the best black and white version. And when I get there, I move on to dot painting. At the end, I apply different shades of grey. I only add colour to one element, usually the eyes.”

Miguel Duarte

The pieces by sculptor Miguel Duarte (Portimão) come from deep within the earth: various types of natural and semi-precious gemstones, such as quartz, labradorite and citrine have great beauty and are seen holistically as having particular healing powers. They can weigh between 5 and 500 kilos in the rough, but usually undergo a cutting process in their home country, Brazil.

Once in Portugal, “I first have to find out what the piece allows me to do”, says Miguel. “I try to respect the natural shapes, the veins, because there’s a great risk of breaking. The waste can be between 30% and 70%,” he explains. In the final work, the light interferes with the depth of the gem in a deep and unique complicity.

Pedro Cruz
Pedro Cruz

Pedro Cruz (Viseu) brings his passion for the abstract to this exhibition. This will be the artist’s first time exhibiting in a gallery space. He likes challenges and considers himself an experimentalist, but his materials of choice are watercolour and paper: “The mixture of water and colours … I like that surprise effect,” he says. Painting (with which he grew up with) has played an important role in his life since he was a child.

‘Atra Lux’ will be open to the public until November 18, Monday (2pm-6pm), and Tuesday to Saturday (10am-6pm). Admission is free.