Athenaeum could become building of municipal interest

news: Athenaeum could become building of municipal interest

Loulé Câmara has approved an application for the Ateneu Comercial e Industrial de Loulé to be classified as a building of municipal interest.

The century-old building dates back to 1897, when local businesspeople decided to create an institution called ‘Recreio Comercial de Loulé’ to promote leisure and cultural activities among its members.

During the First Republic, the institution began being called Commercial and Industrial Athenaeum of Loulé to reflect the new era and regime, the Câmara explained.

The main objectives of the venue were to provide educational and leisure activities for its members and families, such as reading sessions, conferences, meeting, “licit gambling”, sports and others.

Several balls were also held in the building, where local families would meet during festive occasions such as New Year and Carnival, birthdays and other festivities that are now part of the city’s historical legacy and remain in the memory of many.

The athenaeum continues to be supported by a significant number of members, has a notable past and an administrative board that is keen to maximise on the building’s potential as a cultural and leisure hotspot.

The status of building of municipal interest is an important step to ensuring official financial backing for the building’s regeneration.