Até breve dear friends.jpg

Até breve dear friends

Goodbye, farewell, adieu, adieu adieu – no, we have not been watching too much Sound of Music but we do have to say adieu to two of our long-serving members of staff.

Rob Stone came to work for The Resident 11 (long?) years ago and has developed his design skills, and as a result the excellent look of The Resident over the past years.

Helen Berns arrived in the portals of The Resident in 2002 and has turned management accounting into an art which we can now understand!

In 2005, Rob and Helen became engaged to be married and, in 2007, they will promise to love and honour one another in Helen’s home country, Ireland.

As a result Rob and Helen are leaving these sun-soaked shores and will be starting their life together in green (and damper) climes.

The Algarve’s loss is the gain of Ireland and we all send them very special wishes for a long and happy life together along with our thanks for their contributions to this great publication.