Municipal vets trash ‘no kill kennels, saying: “things have to change”

At least 11 dogs found dead in horror of abandoned ‘canine hotel’

At least 11 dogs have been found dead after the owner of ‘canine hotel’ Bosque dos Pimpões in Mafra left them without food, water or attention for “more than a week”.

GNR police who finally entered the property were horrified to discover the dogs left alive were surviving by consuming the bodies of those that weren’t.

Commenting on the news over social media, local animal association Adoro Mimos stressed:“We are not aware of the reasons for this situation, and will do everything to ensure justice in the the name of the animals that have up till now disappeared”.

Whether this means some of the dogs at the hotel have ‘gone missing’ and are not among the carcasses discovered is unclear.

All that does appear certain is that the owner of the space is a woman, and that she has handed herself in to the local police station.

The surviving animals have either been rescued by Mafra Town Council and/ or collected by their respective owners, writes Jornal de Notícias.

Adoro Mimos told reporters that they had “every confidence” in the owner: “We never imagined she could do something as awful as this”.

According to the association, two years ago conditions at Bosque dos Pimpões had been “very good” but more recently it had “fallen into abandonment”.

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