At last, new police station for Lagos

FOLLOWING THE recent signing of an agreement between the Minister for State and Internal Administration, António Costa, and Lagos Câmara, it has been announced that a new police station will be built in the city of Lagos within the next two years.

Surprisingly, it was 20 years ago when Lagos Câmara first offered an area of land for the construction of the police unit, but due to the delay in beginning the building work, and various other circumstances, that particular site is no longer considered to be adequate for a police station in the rapidly growing city. During the visit of the minister, Júlio Barroso, President of Lagos Câmara, commented: “Although Lagos is a peaceful and hospitable city, it is not immune to the existence of anti-social behaviour and crime, and this is precisely what we want to eliminate.”

The council chief has emphasised that, in matters relating to security, it is not only the state and the council that must be involved, but also the private entities. To this end, the council has entered into a barter agreement with a local hypermarket, in order to make the new police station a reality. The deal involves a piece of land, previously earmarked for the construction of the PSP station, and another plot, owned by the retailer, located in Horta do Trigo, in one of the access roads to the city of Lagos. The site in question is close to the city’s sports ground and boasts optimum conditions in terms of location and accessibility, making it an ideal location for a PSP unit.

The total project will cost 400,000 euros, 250,000 of which will be provided directly by the câmara, and 150,000 to be collected through taxes from local companies.