At laser speed and with no more dropped Wi-Fi connections!

Are you working from home? Are your kids home-schooling? Do you have an increased number of household smart devices on at the same time?

The new world we’re living in has created an important dependency on technology, and Lazer Telecom have you covered, providing the fastest internet in the Algarve, with speeds from 100Mbps up to 1Gbps, plus access to 200+ international TV channels provided by AMLA, along with high-end technology to give an extra support to your router.

Whether you live in a 3-bedroom apartment with thick walls, a multistorey house, or a larger house with outside terraces, you may additional equipment to ensure a strong Wi-Fi coverage throughout your property.

If you’re suffering from Wi-Fi drops when moving from room to room, moving to a different floor, or heading to your pool area, it simply means your router needs support to give full Wi-Fi coverage to your property. In that case, you may be in need of Access Points – high-end devices known as “Wi-Fi Boosters” that provide strong signal, low interference and excellent reliability.

At Lazer Telecom they provide a variety of the latest technology in Access Points that come with endless features such as remote network management through an App, simplified guest access to your network, and parental controls, such as setting time limits by devices for your kids and much more! Contact Lazer Telecom now for a free survey!

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