Association petition against  Algarve oil rigs

A petition to prevent fuel companies Repsol and Partex from starting deep-sea oil and gas drilling in the Algarve in early 2014 has been launched by Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association.

The association claims that the first exploration will take place at only eight kilometres from the coastline “amidst much secrecy and chronic lack of information from all parties involved”.

They also say that, according to information they received, the first rig will be used for exploration purposes and will be built from Indonesian “scrap” materials.

“This is deeply worrying, especially because no environmental impact studies have been conducted nor has there been any open disclosures by the authorities or the companies involved, nor any public consultation,” the association states in its petition.

Algarve’s wildlife, assets, fishing and tourism industries, recreational water sports, climate and coastal way of life will be affected by the implementation of the rigs along the coastline according to the association, which is calling for public support to fight their cause.

A brief internet search including the sentence “Say no to oil rigs in the Algarve” will reveal the site of the online petition, which at the time of going to press, had more than 1,500 supporters.