Aspire International School

Aspire International School: an outstanding alternative 

Our objective at Aspire International School (AIS) is to raise the standard of education in the Algarve with a balanced curriculum, from academic subjects to sports and the arts.

Our focus is on educating the ‘whole child’ and we take the time to listen to suggestions for improvements.

We offer a preschool for children aged 3–5, a primary for ages 5–11 and a secondary school for ages 11–18. Our curriculum is based on the English national curriculum but is adapted to suit an international student-body.

The school is accredited by Pearson Edexcel providing globally recognised qualifications – including iGCSEs and A Levels – which open doors to top universities worldwide.

Our school offers a healthy, positive alternative

A small school by design, AIS offers an alternative experience to the big corporate schools. An outstanding alternative.

AIS classes have a maximum of 12 children; this in itself is a massive advantage as it ensures individualised attention for every pupil. The rate of learning, the comprehensive coverage of the curriculum and, most importantly, the time given by our teachers to understand each student and their learning style is invaluable in the education process.

At AIS, the teachers want to get to know each student, to recognise and be fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses, likes and interests, in and outside of the classroom. Our responsibility is to educate, inspire and encourage each individual pupil to reach their potential.

The school has adopted the philosophy of educating the ‘whole child’ and encourages students to embrace the rewards of a positive growth mind-set. Respect, self-belief, confidence and happiness are all high on the agenda; creating a firm foundation upon which good quality learning can be built.

A balanced curriculum

The value to pupils of Sport and the Creative Arts has been a hot topic in education for several years. Often these subjects are viewed as a bolt-on or ‘extra’ to more traditionally academic subjects such as Science and Languages.

At AIS, we take a different view. All of our pupils are encouraged to get into sport and the arts, whether or not they believe they have a talent – after all, no child was ever permitted to skip Maths because they said they were no good at it! And they are often pleasantly surprised by the results.


Well-being is at the forefront of the AIS journey to success. We care about the mental and physical well-being of every child, teacher and member of our school community. We believe that students learn best when they feel safe, valued and happy.

Our staff are committed to providing an environment that nurtures personal growth, respect for each other and self-esteem.

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