Ask Afpop - Disabled badge

Ask Afpop – Disabled badge

In this monthly column, afpop, Portugal’s largest foreign residents’ association, aims to answer some of the most frequently-asked questions by members.

Question: Where do I go to get a disabled sticker for my car that will allow me to use disabled parking spaces and can only I use it?

afpop answers: The disabled badge is a personal and non-transferable card, intended for people with reduced mobility or other intellectual or visual disabilities, which must be requested by the disabled person or by whoever represents them.

The request is made through the Institute of Mobility and Transport (IMT) and is free of charge. It can be requested at IMT offices, but also electronically on the IMT’s website or in person in the Citizen’s Shops (Lojas do Cidadão).

In addition to your application form, identification and driving documents, you must also present a multipurpose medical certificate of disability (Atestado Médico de Incapacidade Multiuso – AMIM), which states the person’s degree of disability.

To be entitled to obtain a disabled badge, the degree of disability (assessed by the National Disabilities Charts) must be equal or greater than:

▪ 60% for a person with physical, organ or intellectual disability and for a person with Autism Spectrum Disorders;
▪ 95% for a visually impaired person.

We have a fact sheet available for our members on how to apply for the disabled badge and with information regarding other support that a person with AMIM is entitled to.

For more information about the benefits of membership of afpop, the largest association for foreign residents in Portugal, you can visit their website; email them direct on [email protected] or call the afpop office on 282 458 509 (t/m 938 252 100). Please remember to quote THE ALGARVE RESIDENT when contacting them.