Ashes to ashes

news: Ashes to ashes

Five years ago Ees and his wife came to the Algarve together with their two Bouvier dogs, Ridge and Creon Starlight. In July 2003, Creon Starlight was hit by a truck and died instantly. After speaking with the vet, Ees found that there were no arrangements in Portugal to give animals a decent burial and final farewell.

Laws regarding the situation were minimal, stating that you couldn’t bury your pet in your back garden. The only possibility was to leave your friend with the vet and let them give it to a destruction company. Not being able to bear leaving their beloved pet to that end, Ees and his wife were spurred into action and decided to set up an animal crematorium, ‘Creon Starlight’ Crematório de Animais Lda.

The Animal Crematorium has been functioning since May 4, 2004 and has been able to give many pet owners peace of mind in the knowledge that they have laid their pets to rest in a respectful way.

Many expatriates and Portuguese have used ‘Creon Starlight’, named in honour of the proprietor’s dog, for which the crematorium came too late.

For more information please call 282 913 334, 912306014, fax 282 911 717 or visit their website or e-mail: [email protected]