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Asbestos concern

Dear Editor,
I felt I should write, really to find out if other people were aware of this little-reported aspect of the asbestos awareness that suddenly seems to have gripped the nation.
In our area of the lower Alentejo, piles of asbestos sheeting have started appearing beside rubbish bins. Clearly people have been picking up the news one way or another and reconsidering their forms of roofing.
What is very worrying, however, is the way they are dealing with the problem. Ripping off asbestos sheets and leaving them broken and open to the winds is actually causing much more harm than good.
Hundreds of people are now being needlessly exposed to damaged asbestos, and there seems to be very little the authorities are doing about it.
The pile of asbestos panels in the attached photo lay beside the bins in our area for well over a week. Maybe soon we will all have to travel the countryside wearing face masks, like they do in China?
A Thompson
By email