ASAE suspends “Local Accommodation” establishment in Portimão

The decision to suspend the establishment’s activity was motivated by non-compliance with safety rules, lack of mandatory insurance and a health and safety risk.

The Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE) suspended the activity of an Alojamento Local (Local Accommodation) establishment in Portimão due to non-compliance with security rules, the criminal police body reported.

The decision to halt the establishment’s activity was motivated by “non-compliance with safety rules and lack of mandatory insurance”, as well as a health and safety risk “due to non-compliance with hygiene conditions and existing structures”, as pests were found at the location.

The ASAE inspection operation was carried out by the Algarve’s Specialized Brigade of Tourist Enterprises and Local Accommodation, created to verify compliance with the rules to which they are subject, “considering the high number of this type of accommodation”.

In a statement, the criminal police body said it would continue to conduct inspections within the scope of its powers across Portugal to guarantee “healthy and fair competition between economic operators, safeguard consumer safety and verify compliance with current regulations”.