ASAE re-inspects British food stores

British food stores targeted by inspectors from Portugal’s food and economic standard agency (ASAE) last month have resolved issues highlighted and resumed business as usual.

Shops in Algoz, Albufeira and Lagos were visited by the inspectors and penalised because various items were missing, such as cooking and preparation guidelines translated into Portuguese.

M&J’s Food Store in Albufeira was given five days to fix the problem with the unlabelled items in the store.

The establishment did not have to close but they had to assure they would re-label every imported item in the shop.

Michelle Walker from M& J’s Food Store said: “The inspectors came back to check the labels. They were very helpful and gave us their contact number in case we had any problems or needed advice in the future. It’s been business as usual the whole time.” 

Let the Magic In, an Algoz-based British food store, had to close while imported produce was re-labeled.

A spokesperson from Let the Magic In said: “The inspectors came back, said our labels were fantastic and signed everything off because we had closed the shop while doing the labeling and done everything according to the book.

“We would like to thank all of our customers for their support and understanding during this difficult time – they have been fantastic!”

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