Artists of Ayamonte exhibit in Faro.jpg

Artists of Ayamonte exhibit in Faro

AN EXHIBITION of paintings from 20 up-and-coming artists is on show at the art gallery of the Conservatório Regional do Algarve Maria Campina, in Faro, until January 13.

Presented by the Fundação Pedro Ruivo, this collection unites work of 20 artists native to Ayamonte – Juan Borrego Ferrer, Ángel Rodríguez Guerrero “D’esury”, Domingo Santos, Rafael Reiva, Juan Manuel Calle, Juan Fernández, Manuel Moreno Morales “Emes”, Rafael Rasco, Pablo Román Bauzano, Manuel Giráldez, Jorge Xavier-Morato, Juan Vázquez, Emilio Borrego Ferrer, José María Franco, Juan Manuel Carrasco Galán, Pepe Gámez, Rafael Oliva, Araceli Leiva, Ángel Cabel and José Miguel Alejandro “Alex”.

Do not waste this opportunity to visit the exhibition in Faro, where you will encounter works that express the way of living and culture of the artists.