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Artists lend a special splash of colour to the Algarve’s bid to “stay beautiful”

The effervescent Algarve Artists Network, a group of varied talents that exhibits regularly, is currently celebrating its 10th year with a truly thought-provoking exhibition in the António Aleixo Cultural Centre in Vila Real de Santo António.

Dubbed “Transformations of Nature”, it brings together inspirational works based on a theme that is uniting Algarvians these days: the campaign to block plans to start drilling for oil and gas, on land and at sea.

Running until September 16, it is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday (September 10) from 5.30pm to 10.30pm and from Monday to Friday, from September 10, from 10am to 1pm and then from 2pm to 7pm.

The artists explain that “Humankind is prey to the need for her natural resources and there are negative consequences of human action to obtain them.

“Overfishing, pollution of the ocean and the golden beaches are environmental issues that will transform and could destroy the nature of the Algarve, for us now and for future generations.”

A battle that is being fought on multiple fronts, this is perhaps the most gentle on the mind and senses, and showcases some of the extraordinary talents that have chosen to make the Algarve their home.

Participating in this latest show are 14 artists, some born in the Algarve, others from Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Scotland and “even Tanzania”.

For more news of the Algarve Artists Network, see their Facebook page.