chairs exhibition

Artistic chairs theme of cultural event in Lagos

This September 23, the Art Academy Marina de Lagos is hosting their annual cultural event. This year, the theme is “chairs”.

Organisers invited artists to create unique artistic chairs, from homemade creations to stunning painted seats. As usual, the event will feature live music, with DJ Rob van der Woude playing the sounds of Tango. “I am very happy to have organised that. All that elegant ambience and the chairs are perfect to compose the scene in the Marina the Lagos,” said organiser Kasia Wrona.

Some of the works on display will be auctioned to raise money to the local orphanage. All chairs will be displayed in the Lagos Marina, on the square near pontoon J.

The event is supported by Ingrid Fortunato, manager of Lagos Marina. “She’s a great friend, manager and sometimes physical worker too, who supports all my ideias,” said Kasia.

chairs exhibition