Meinke Flesseman
Meinke Flesseman Photo: LUIS DA CRUZ

Artist Meinke Flesseman unveils new exhibition

Dutch-born Algarve artist to exhibit latest works at friend’s store in Azeitão

A painting exhibition by artist Meinke Flesseman will be unveiled at Mercadores de Memórias in Azeitão (Setúbal) on Saturday, April 2 at 3pm.

Meinke was born in Amsterdam but lived her childhood and teenage years in the Algarve, which she describes as a “painter’s dream”.

“I had a care-free childhood. We had a lot of animals in the house we lived: dogs, cats, chickens and a donkey, whose best friend was a goat,” says the artist, adding that this is how her passion for animals, which play a part in her art, started.

Artist Meinke Flesseman unveils new exhibition

“Childhood memories brought me the gift of inspiration, every time I paint my beloved goats or photogenic donkeys. And summer memories bring me vivid glimpses of aquatic scenes, that I happily use in my ‘Water Paintings’,” Meinke adds.

Her latest exhibition ‘Transhumance’ will be on display at Mercadores de Memórias, a store owned by her friend Lina Caz who shares her same love of memories, between April 2 and June 5. It can be visited every day from 10am to 7pm. The store is located on Rua Trabalhadores da Empresa Setubalense, 6.