Artist holds exhibition for tsunami victims

AN ART exhibition with a difference is currently being held at St Julian’s School in Carcavelos. Artist Caz Regan, a former teacher at the school, put on an art and photographic exhibition of her work to help raise funds for the Tsunami Appeal. In her own words: “The tsunami disaster touched all our hearts, whether or not we have travelled to any of those places in South East Asia. I have spent time working and travelling there and have always found inspiration in its kaleidoscope of colour and the warmth of its people. This exhibition, I hope, will give some idea about how culturally rich Asia is and bring us closer in empathy to a region often ravaged by natural disasters.” What strikes you about Caz’s work is her vivid use of bright colours. The ‘flavour’ of the exhibition was enhanced by students from the school, who dressed in national costumes. The exhibition is on display at the school until March 18. The Fine Arts programme at St Julian’s is sponsored by Rover, BP, Vidreira Costa do Sol, Bright Brothers, Gourmet Club Catering and the Parents and Teachers Association.