Artisanal beer with history

Bold, punchy and intense, the new craft beers available at the impressive Lagos Intermarché wine section are perfect to quench your thirst.

For those who appreciate good artisanal beer, Lagos Intermarché now has several options to try: from stories that started between friends who wanted a different project for the city of Porto, such as Nortada beer, to Barona beer named after the initials of its creators from the Alentejo, and the beer that was born out of love for beer and in search of the opportunity to build and develop an artisanal beer brewery in the Algarve – Dos Santos.

“It’s a highly differentiating range in our wine section,” says Eduardo Albino, head of the section. “It’s a product that is gradually becoming more popular because there are also more people producing beer and, naturally, others are becoming more curious.”

The Musa beer is perhaps the most irreverent brand you will find on the shelves of the hypermarket’s wine aisles. Focused on the quality of the raw materials and the strictness of the production practices, this beer aims to enhance the flavour of the final product, backing the diversity of styles produced and the celebration of beer styles with historical and geographical importance.

In southern Portugal, the Dos Santos beer is a family affair, and the recipes are developed and prepared using only high-quality ingredients from all over the world. They are also produced according to the Beer Purity Law (“Reinheitsgebot”), which means that only four main ingredients are used: water, hops, yeast and malt. Located in Lagoa, the family invested in a microbrewery with a production capacity of 35,000L per month and there is a brewing facility which is also a destination for the public to witness the process.

The Alentejo beer Barona is also faithful to the Beer Purity Law. Barley and wheat malt, and some other natural ingredients that are kept secret, provide these beers with unique flavours, which have finishing touches of honey, coffee, caramel, or even fruits like passion fruit and apple. Depending on each person’s taste, Barona offers sweeter or more bitter beers, ideal for any occasion.

Besides these options, you can also find brands such as Brewdog, Algarve Rock or Pepper Stout. With at least seven beer references produced in the Algarve, there’s no doubt you will find your favourite at the wine section of Lagos Intermarché.