Article “Life as a Consul” (February 25 edition)

Dear Editor,

Safe Communities Portugal would like to thank you for the article “Life of a consul” in last week’s edition.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to Clive Jewel for all his support since 2012 when we attended one of the British Consulate’s outreach events in Albufeira officiated by former British Ambassador Jill Gallard, which included the launch of Safe Communities Algarve, as it was at the time.

As Clive rightly says, there are many challenges that the consular team face and dealing with such issues such as missing persons, victims of crime can be a daunting task. A great deal of hard work and skill goes on behind the scenes, which seldom comes into the public domain due to the nature of the consular team’s work.

Over the last nine years, it has been our pleasure to work with the consular team and Clive in particular, and extend our sincere thanks for all the support and co-operation they have given, as well as the fantastic service they provide to the public.

They are not the creators of British Government policy, but often they have to implement it locally and within their remit. Not easy when the issues are as broad, complex and with considerable implications, such as residency rights for example.

As Clive rightly said, the building of relationships is immensely important and we could not wish for a closer relationship than with Clive and his team.

David Thomas
On behalf of the team at Safe Communities Portugal