Art & Wine – a combination made in Quinta dos Vales Wine Estate

Quinta dos Vales’ Art

Art was a founding element of  Quinta dos Vales, and continues to be at its core today. The artist behind the majority of these sculptures is actually the owner of Quinta dos Vales, Karl Heinz Stock. He has been an artist for decades and knew from the very beginning that he wished to combine wine with art. The reason for this is that there is one characteristic which a wine or art lover needs, and that is patience.

Neither wine nor art are simple pleasures, they require thought and time to be enjoyed to the fullest, and this is the proposition that is set to the visitors of the wine estate.

Most of the art pieces were already part of wandering exhibitions, in display across Europe. These included the installations of Graces, the Elephant Tree, Reunion of the Bulls, Dance of the Bears and Passion. At the moment you will find an exhibition of well over a hundred pieces in different styles, materials and sizes in several garden locations.


Buying Art

Either be it your first piece or you are an active art collector, buying art is always a fun process that involves some research and inner-knowledge of what you want. There’s always a lot to consider when making a purchase – specially when large sums of money are involved. Whether you love browsing galleries or hunting art online, here are some tips to bear in mind.

Tips to buying Art

  • Know your own tastes: don’t get lured into making a purchase based solely on recommendations, price or trendiness.

Take time to think about the    art that you love, that makes you feel connected to a piece and what you like to look at;

  • Make sure it’s a good fit: think about how or where it will fit into your home and the practicalities of owning it – will it physically fit where you want to display it? Will the colours and materials fit in with your style and decor?;


  • Look for quality and originality:


  • Remember hidden costs and do your research: budgeting is important when you take into account the other associated costs that come with buying art. You should always consider packing, shipping, insurance and installation, besides the price of the piece itself;


  • Don’t rush it: the most important piece of advice would be not to rush your purchase. Great collections take time and careful consideration, so take it slow.



Sculptures and Sculpture-paintings

If sculptures are to your liking, then you need to get to know  Karl Heinz Stock’s unique art pieces.  Developed with heart, care and precision, they are pieces without limits, neither political nor cultural, allowing the expression of ideas. The ideas behind the sculptural work are the same which drive the evolution of wine: both are linked to the traditional but also explore new experiences, limits and directions.

These works are generally based on strong organic elements, which the artist sees as the best interpretation of full-bodied women:  The Graces,  curvy female figures with prominent and voluptuous shapes, seem to defy gravity and float like ballerinas in motion. Produced in ceramic, bronze, fiberglass or polyester resin, they vary in size, from 85 centimetres to 6 meters high.

The  sculpture-paintings  are unique pieces of art that combine the beauty of big-sized sculptures with the painting and mosaic applications in the interpretation of 26 international artists.

Get to know more about the art available for sale in  Quinta dos Vales’ website.

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