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Art shows transformations of Nature

A new exhibition to mark the 10th anniversary of the Algarve Artists Network (AAN) will be opening at the Centro Cultural António Aleixo in Vila Real de Santo António on August 12 at 6pm.

The 14 artists exhibiting around 20 works of art will aim to draw attention to nature, which “transforms itself constantly and is transformed by man’s intervention”.

Entitled “Transformations of Nature”, the show expects to emphasise the artists’ concern with “the negative consequences of human action, and the enormous impact that exploration of oil and gas will have on the Algarve shoreline and its natural reserves”.

A spokesperson for AAN said: “We as artists are influenced by nature that surrounds us. However, overfishing, pollution of the oceans and the golden beaches are environmental issues that will transform and could destroy the nature of the Algarve for us now and for future generations.”

The AAN has already made an impact with the ‘Art Installation Oil Rig’ by artists Aidan Bremner and Jessica Dunn who took part in the human chain demonstration against drilling and fracking held in Aljezur in June (click here)

Some of the artists participating in the VRSA exhibition were born in the Algarve, others came from further a field such as England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and even Tanzania.

Their two more recent exhibitions, “From Land and Sea” at Portimão Museum in 2014 and “Art in the Air” at Faro International Airport in 2015, were dedicated mainly to the artists’ love of the Algarve.

The “Transformations of Nature” show runs until September 16

Photo: “From land and Sea” by artist Mary Hurst