Art on the streets of São Brás de Alportel with « Calçadas 2022 »

The cultural event offers activities for the whole family.

This Sunday, August 14th, the cultural event «Calçadas, A Arte sai à Rua» (Calçadas, Art takes to the Street) is back on the streets and alleyways of São Brás de Alportel’s historic centre with cultural entertainment and performances.

From 8 PM, visitors will be entertained with dance, visual arts, handicrafts, street performances, photography, literature, street food and many more artistic moments on the town’s streets.

Various stages and locations will offer different performances, such as a tribute to Billie Holiday and DJ Narra on the «À do Calçadas» stage and performances by Bite The Blue Lemon and La Plante Mutante on the «Vila Adentro» stage.

The «Adro da Igreja» stage will host the Municipal Dance School and Urban Xpression Dance Group, followed by fado with Ricardo Martins, Nuno Martins, Arnaldo Santos, Amabélio Pereira and Beatriz and by Braza Doirada.

Visual artist Jacqueline de Montaigne will work live on creating a mural, as the previous editions’ murals are highlighted on the streets.

The Municipal Library will also open its doors during the evening, with short story sessions presented by storyteller Tixa (Patrícia Amaral) while Fernando Guerreiro will entertain the audience with his «Histórias D’Arrepiar» (Chilling Stories) on the «Calçadinha» stage.

The event is free of charge and offers activities for the whole family, inviting its visitors to “enjoy art with each step on São Brás de Alportel’s calçadas”.