Two team members of Global International Relocation preparing an art piece for transport

Art on the move – ensuring your precious treasures travel safely

In a world where art and antiques are cherished for their unique beauty and historical significance, safeguarding these treasures during international relocation is of paramount importance. Global International Relocation steps into this domain with a commitment to excellence, offering a comprehensive range of professional art transport services that ensure your valuables receive the care they deserve.

At the heart of their mission is a deep appreciation for the uniqueness and value of every artwork and antique. They recognise that these pieces hold not only monetary worth but also an irreplaceable cultural and sentimental value. This understanding reinforces their approach and ensures they treat each item with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

The journey begins with the meticulous process of packing – their dedicated team has extensive experience and specialised training, ensuring that packing and transport techniques align with the highest industry standards. Each work of art is entrusted to its own customised container, built from resilient wood and lined with materials designed to provide optimum protection throughout the entire move.

When it comes to transport, and depending on the art piece to be moved, they use temperature-controlled vehicles tailored to the specific requirements of the art piece. Their commitment to a seamless relocation experience extends beyond just handling the precious cargo. Global International Relocation also manages all aspects of the import/ export documentation and can arrange suitable insurance coverage, giving you peace of mind throughout the whole process.

Upon its arrival to Portugal, your cherished artworks and antiques can find safe haven in their purpose-built facilities. Whether it is painting for a week, an assortment of fine wines for a month, or an entire collection for a year, Global International Relocation offers flexible storage solutions. And your items are accessible for inspection, collection, or delivery at your convenience.

Photo of the specialised locks with biometric screening to access Global International Relocation's vault for art pieces and antiques

Their dedication to security and meticulous cataloguing is unwavering. Every item entrusted to Global’s care undergoes a thorough inspection, receives a unique barcode label, and becomes part of their comprehensive digital photographic library. Their state-of-the-art vault, specifically designed for art and wine storage, ensures that temperature, humidity, and light are meticulously controlled to maximise the longevity of your cherished belongings. Their isothermal facilities feature stringent access controls, including biometric screening, restricted to a select few authorised personnel. Moreover, their facilities are under constant surveillance via a high-definition camera system, providing round-the-clock protection for your priceless assets.

When it comes to relocating your valuable works of art and antiques, Global International Relocation is committed to deliver the highest level of expertise, care, and security, guaranteeing that our treasures will embark on a journey that values their uniqueness, appreciates their worth, and ensures their safe arrival at their new destination.

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Partial image of the inside of Global Relocation's vault for art pieces and antiques

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