Art for Kidsake

news: Art for Kidsake

ALWAYS KEEN to support local charities, the Oceânico Group, one of the leading developers in the western Algarve, were intrigued when approached by the Right Honourable Owen Gee K.O.S.M.A to help put a novel idea into practice to raise money for the needy children of the Algarve.

Owen Gee, better known as Kiss FM DJ Sir Owen Gee, was knighted by the Duke of Bragança for his work, over the years, for Portuguese charities and retains an unflagging enthusiasm for finding new ways to raise money for charity. Impressed by the works of eminent Dutch artist, Bo de la Haye, Owen Gee wondered how to combine art and fundraising. After discussions with Bo de la Haye, the Oceânico Group and euroFINESCO s.a., the plan was hatched and Art for Kidsake was born.

Bo de la Haye is a talented artist who lives in Lagos and has a vast international client base. He has generously donated one of his original paintings from his fabulous ‘Flamenco Collection’ to be won in a prize draw. Simply purchase a ticket, priced only at five euros, to enter the prize draw.

The original work of art is available for viewing at the Oceânico’s Destino Restaurant in Lagos until October 1 2005. Tickets can be purchased from numerous outlets across the Algarve and all proceeds will be distributed, under the supervision of euroFINESCO s.a, to the needy children of the Algarve, split equally between three charities. They are Núcleo de Educação para Crianças Inadaptadas (NECI) in Lagos, Castelo de Sonhos in Silves and Pirilampos Orphanage in Albufeira.

The winning ticket will be drawn by Owen Gee at a lively gala dinner at Destino Restaurant on October 1, where Bo de la Haye will present the painting. Runner-up prizes will also be on offer and include a champagne lunch cruise with Champagne Cruises in Vilamoura, a gift voucher to be spent at Cinnamon in Lagos and two-day passes to be used at Estrela Health & Beauty in Praia da Luz.

Other work by Bo de la Haye can also be viewed during the month of July at Aura Galeria de Arte, Estrela da Luz, in Praia da Luz. More information about the artist can be found at

This initiative could be the start of something big! In subsequent years, various artists may donate paintings to be displayed at various locations around the Algarve. The needy children of the Algarve will continue to benefit, as will the winners who will be able to proudly display an original work of art in their homes.

Tickets can be purchased at:

• Champagne Cruises, Marina, Vilamoura

• Cinnamon, Lote 31, Rua Francisco Xavier Ataide, Lagos

• Destino Restaurant, Jardim da Meia Praia, Albardeira Lagos

• Estrela da Luz, Rua Escola Primária, Praia da Luz

• Kiss FM, Rua do Pacífico Lotes 25-27, Albufeira.

• Leila G’s Bar, Armação de Pêra

• Paws4Pets, Rua Coronel Figueiredo, Silves

• Persia Carpets, Quatro Estradas, Quarteira

• Style Furnishings, Vale de Lousas, EN 125 Alcantarilha

•For more information, call Michelle Collins at Oceânico Leisure on 282 790 880 or email her at [email protected]