Art Expo 1

Art Expo Algarve returns to Portimão this month

Over 200 artists and galleries to take part

The countdown has begun for the second edition of Art Expo Algarve, an art exhibition which will take place from September 21 to 24 at the Portimão Arena and bring together over 200 emerging and internationally established artists and galleries.

Organisers are describing the event as the “biggest international art fair ever held in Portugal,” with the presence of artists and galleries from over 30 countries.

“Our previous edition had over 5,000 visitors and more than 60% of the participating artists sold at our event. For the second edition, we have increased our exhibition area by 40% and given exhibition opportunities to over 15 emerging artists,” says organiser John Ganhão.

“A curatorial of all participating artists includes a ratio of young, emerging, and established artists, allowing our visitors and art lovers to appreciate and buy artworks directly from artists and galleries at very affordable prices,” he adds.

Art Expo 3

Says Ganhão, “our aim is to continuously expand our selection of participating artists and allow the public, art lovers, and buyers to interact directly with the artists and galleries.

“Art Expo Algarve is not just the biggest contemporary art fair in Portugal, but also a place where unique contemporary and traditional paintings, sculptures, photography, and design pieces are discovered,” he adds.

The idea for the event came to John Ganhão after living abroad for 25 years, during which he “fell in love with art” whilst meeting artists around the world and learning about their different techniques and styles, but mostly seeing their “camaraderie” when participating in events of this kind.

“I decided to return (to Portugal) and start working on this project because I realised that there is no international event in Portugal and the south of Spain that allows artists to show their art and which attracts a large number of people interested in seeing a lot of art in a short period of time,” he told us last year.

Art Expo 2

The event had been in the pipeline since 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic stopped the project in its tracks. It was not until earlier this year that the long-planned event finally came to fruition.

This second edition will also be free to attend and completely open to the public between September 22 and 24 from 11am to 9pm.

There will also be a vernissage (a private viewing for a select crowd) on Thursday, September 21 from 6pm to 9pm.

The Portugal Resident is proud to be a media partner for this event.