Art exhibition with a difference in Luz

news: Art exhibition with a difference in Luz

AURA GALERIA de Arte recently opened its exhibition, ‘Sacre Bleu’, of new paintings by Johannes Kohlrusch, with a difference. The gallery was blacked out and guests were invited into a candlelit environment, where the blue and gold paintings shimmered with subtlety in the flickering light.

An accordionist played in a manner that created a rasping breathing sound, while a poem written by Johannes was read in Portuguese, English and German by three performers, who strutted among the audience and spoke in rhyme punctuated with pregnant pauses.

The poem reflected the artist’s constant dilemma between painting for art’s sake or for money, and the suffocation of true creativity and inspiration this can result in. As the poem ended, Johannes began to mix pure pigment and egg and, using a cloth as his utensil, created a painting. The final work from this happening is still on display in the gallery.

Guests were enthusiastic about the event, with comments that Luz and Lagos lack a place for such expression, and Aura is keen that more opportunities arise in the future.

Johannes Kohlrusch’s paintings are not easy. Their profound blue depth and mystical imagery challenge both one’s perception and intellect. They are also not cheap, but to spend a few thousand euros investing in an artwork of a prospective name, wisely chosen, can result in huge returns, not to mention a great deal of pleasure.

For many artists, the sale of their creativity is their only income and many endure great hardship to follow a passionate belief in the power of expression and creative productivity. For people who have never had such a calling it can be hard to fathom, but it is only the artists who allow the non artists a window through which they can, at least, touch upon that experience.

‘Sacre Bleu’ will be on display at Aura Galeria de Arte in Praia da Luz until September 15. The next exhibition is ‘Recent Paintings’ by Clive Cook and will open on Saturday, September 17, with wine and canapés between 6pm and 8pm, and run until October 13. For more information, contact Annie James at Aura Galeria de Arte on 282 771 200 or 962 076 508.