Art at the kindergarten

Vilamoura International School introduced an innovative project in their Kindergarten at the beginning of this academic year.

The project is based on an educational model where research is the basis for developing social and emotional skills.

Classrooms are transformed into laboratories where students have the opportunity of visiting an art and music lab, the science and mathematics lab, and a literature and philosophy lab.

The new space is used on a daily basis as a promoter of creativity and autonomy, in a bilingual environment that focuses on the development of basic knowledge.

At the school this year, Art is the chosen theme. The objective is to bring painters, writers, and musicians to the kindergarten, to enrich a methodology that emphasizes experience and contact with the community.

For more information about Vilamoura International School Kindergarten and the project, please contact: 289 303 280 or e-mail on: [email protected].

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