Art and politics in Monchique

Monchique Câmara president Rui André is about to make history as the first municipal mayor to present an exhibition of art work to the public.

Between October 9 and November 6 a collection of art from Rui André will be on display at the Galeria Santo António in Monchique.

Before becoming mayor of Monchique in November 2009, Rui André had spent many years creating works of art including paintings, photographs and illustrations and some of these will be making up a retrospective exhibition.

He has always combined politics and art and has long illustrated the people of Monchique who see him as their “alternative president”.

One of his installations, created 10 years ago, depicts society as an earthen vase hanging in an old cart wheel on strings and being filled continuously as a demonstration of the central position of society while promoting development and movement.

“Art has the ability to unite all human dimensions, the rational, emotional, mystical and physical. Without art, our understanding of the world and of ourselves is diminished,” said Rui André.


Politics has left Rui André with little time to follow his passion of art so the exhibition will feature pieces by the politician dating up until 2005 and is a perfect opportunity to see another side of the young Câmara president.

The exhibition by Rui André will be on display at the Galeria Santo António which is open on Tuesdays from midday until 7pm and from Wednesday until Friday and on Sunday from midday until 4pm.

For further information please call 282 913 130 or 925 004 051.