ARS Algarve uses AI to improve healthcare services

ARS Algarve’s radiology department has performed nearly 29,000 AI-assisted diagnostic exams

The Algarve’s regional health authority (ARS Algarve) is using artificial intelligence (AI) to provide “faster and more efficient healthcare services” to patients.

According to an ARS statement, the AI system allows healthcare professionals to remotely monitor patients using diagnostic imaging, resulting in quicker and more accurate diagnoses.

So far, the ARS Algarve radiology department has performed nearly 29,000 AI-assisted diagnostic exams, including chest X-rays and retinal images, as part of its “Radiology in the Community” project, which uses portable X-ray units for home exams.

We want to diagnose earlier to treat better. We want to provide better care to our patients,” said ARS Algarve boss Paulo Morgado.

“New technologies such as AI, which enables early detection of a range of 11 pathologies using chest x-rays, allow doctors to make diagnoses right in the patient’s home,” he added.

The new AI system is supported by a “secure and confidential” data centre, which enables quick and remote access to the platform by healthcare professionals “from any device and location,” explained Joaquim Azevedo, head of the Centre of Information and Communication Systems for the Group of Health Centres – Central.

According to ARS Algarve, the introduction of AI has “revolutionised” health care provided to patients in the region.

“The use of direct digital detectors allows us to acquire images with greater diagnostic accuracy while using less radiation,” said Paula Simãozinho, Coordinator of the Radiology Department at ARS Algarve. “We can improve image resolution while reducing radiation exposure for patients,” she added.

By “prioritising excellence and quality in healthcare provision to the community”, ARS Algarve says it is embracing a digital future and working towards better health for all.

The ARS announcement comes at a time when AI technologies such as ChatGPT – an AI chatbot which uses language processing to create humanlike conversational dialogue – are becoming a global phenomenon.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]