Arrested student receives $4 million

A Californian university student in San Diego, US, will receive a $4 million dollar compensation for having been left in a cell for four days with no food or water, after being arrested at a friend’s house party where drugs and firearms were found in May 2012.

The 25-year-old man, David Chong, was left to his own devices after the police officer closed the door to Chong’s cell, saying that he would be back in a minute to most likely free him. However, it seems the young man must have slipped the officer’s mind.

After being freed from the four-day long “torture”, Chong had to spend three days at the San Diego hospital.

During the period of solitude, he was deprived of any kind of food or beverage and was forced to ingest his own urine to survive.

As compensation, a deal was struck between the university student and the Federal government. But the case is still under investigation because no one has been held responsible.