Around the world in 80 minutes

news: Around the world in 80 minutes

NO TICKETS were available for this show. Everyone had purchased a boarding pass. This was a whirlwind flight of fancy to 10 different countries in 80 minutes. Airport security was tight as The Resident and other passengers booked in on St. Dominic’s Airways for their Junior School performance, Around the World in 80 Minutes.

We were welcomed by our Captain from the flight deck and the flight attendants took us through the emergency procedures like any normal flight. Then, the show began…we started in the US, then on to Thailand, Ireland, India and France, before in-flight refreshments were served. Then a rush to re-board as we were whisked on to Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In each of the countries, national dances and singing took place.

We caught up with Liz Willoughby, Junior School teacher from New Zealand and writer and director of the show. Liz explained that the students are now learning about internationalism and, after selecting the countries, this seemed like a great way to continue the educational theme. She commented: “I could not have done this without my magnificent team, especially Mareka Rodrigo and Cathy McCahn who made all the costumes, Mel Newton (choreography), Andrea Balaz (music), Chandai Hamilton (stage art), Emma Wright (IT) and Katherine Bradford (backstage).”

The students were fantastic on stage and have learnt a lot, over the past four months, while rehearsing for the educational show. The St Dominic’s flight arrived back at Lisbon on time and the 80-minute worldwide flight entertained us all.

On the night, The Resident also spoke to Jessica Woolfson, who has long been involved with dramas in the Senior School and told us about their forthcoming play, Hamlet – turn to page 9 for details.

Bob Hughes