Around 400 police demonstrate at second football match in two days

Protest part of “wave of discontent” gathering steam across country

Around 400 members of Portugal’s security forces and their families demonstrated this evening at the Municipal Stadium in Leiria, during the União de Leiria – Santa Clara match in the II Football League, by singing the national anthem at the 25th minute.

The protest, similar to the one that took place on two days ago during the Portimonense – Farense match in the I Football League, is part of the wave of protests that began after the government approved the payment of a mission supplement for PJ (judicial police) on November 29.

The lack of equivalent treatment in relation to other security forces has led to several protests by police officers in various cities following what has been widely seen as the heroic stand by one PSP agent who began sleeping outside parliament last weekend.

As reports have stressed, “more and more members of the PSP as well as GNR and prison guards” are now mobilising in ‘outrage’ at the perceived unfairness.

At the Leiria stadium this evening, dressed in black and in a central area of the stands, there were members of the country’s three security forces, accompanied by some of their family members. 

According to one of the those demonstrating the group was made up of around four hundred people. It can be seen on Facebook.

Says Lusa, these protests have not been organised by any union, although a platform, made up of seven PSP unions and four National Republican Guard associations, has been created to demand a review of pay supplements across the board.

This platform has already decided to “completely cut off relations with the Ministry of Internal Affairs”, which has already stressed the government’s hands are ‘tied’ with regard to equalising pay supplements

Police however promise to maintain protests until their demands are met. These are being organised via social networks such as Facebook and Telegram.

This evening’s protest was applauded by spectators, suggesting public opinion is very much on the side of what is, in final analysis, a question of fairness.

As President Marcelo warned back in November, rewarding one police force, without rewarding all security forces, was bound to create conflict. ND

Source material: Lusa