Armed police attacked by truncheon-weilding woman

Three armed police agents suffered injuries after being attacked by a truncheon-weilding Russian woman in Coimbra.

It’s unclear if the truncheon was police property. Certainly, reports claim the 43-year-old woman “almost managed to snatch the service revolver” from one of her victims.

The attack followed a disturbance at the town’s municipal bus station.

Explained Correio da Manhã, “about 40 people were trying to purchase their respective (bus) passes” before events spiralled out of control.

One of the injured agents was a policeman who received a suspended prison sentence for aggressions against residents in Cova da Moura some years ago, said the paper. That sentence is currently under appeal.

But the issue of police being attacked on duty is now a very current one. Headlines on Monday screamed the news that in the last six months no less than 391 PSP agents have received injuries, against 40 GNR.

Said CM, between 2016 and 2018, a total of 3,269 agents from both forces received injuries as a result of violent attacks when on duty.

In the Coimbra incident, none of the agents appear to have had to take sick leave. But in an attack over the weekend – waged by a couple who had lost custody of their child – the agent was so badly hurt that has has had to take at least two weeks off.

His aggressors are described as having tried to make a run for it but were swiftly caught, arrested and have since appeared before magistrates.

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