Armed masked men raid Albufeira fuel station

Two masked men, one armed with a pistol, raided a fuel station on the EN125 at Ferreiras, near Albufeira, yesterday, making off with cash, tobacco and the fuel attendant’s handbag.

The incident took place “moments before” the station was due close for the evening and everything happened very quickly.

Because a firearm was ‘used’ PJ police have been called in to lead the investigation which will now be going through CCTV images to see if these yield any clues.

The fact that everyone these days has to wear a mask to enter any indoor premises will have played to the robbers’ advantage.

Say reports, they wore caps, masks and track suits. Identification will not be easy.

For now, there are no details on how much money was stolen, nor on what kind of ‘getaway vehicle’ the men used. Again, this is something police are hoping to establish from the CCTV images.

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