Armed hotel security guards

Dear Editor,

Has someone gone completely mad?

What sort of message is this going to send out to visitors? What a frightening prospect.

Just don’t do it and start policing your streets and precincts after 11pm every night.

The vigilance has to start in the streets outside the hotels, not inside. Up your game and get it ready for the 2012 season. Golfers are watching.

I love the Algarve and it is time that proper budget allocation is given to night security.

You will find these thugs if you put in the street manpower at night. Give them no mercy because they do not care.

They are damaging the very core of your success as a very kind, warm and hospitable people.

Your way of life is envied. Please preserve it and just make your police presence very obvious at night. Every night!



Dear Editor,

The day they do this is the day I stop going to the Algarve.  

This would send the message that the Algarve is not a safe place to be, for anyone.