Armed gang terrorises Carcavelos

AN ARMED gang of four individuals has carried out a catalogue of terrifying assaults in the Marginal area of Carcavelos. The attackers began their spree of violence at daybreak and, within just 35 minutes, had carried out four separate assaults, stealing cash, credit cards and mobile phones.

Driving around in a Rover that was stolen in Mem Martins, Sintra, the gang began by threatening a woman at gunpoint at the Rotunda da Marginal in Carcavelos. The thugs got away with a bag containing valuable documents, as well as credit cards, sunglasses and several personal items.

Just 15 minutes later, the gang entered a car park at Carcavelos beach and blocked in a couple who were parking their car. After attacking the driver, two of the gang members snatched a bag, wallet, purse and two mobile phones.

Not content with the loot they’d already seized, the assailants returned to Marginal where they attacked a car that was waiting at traffic lights by throwing stones at the windows, breaking the glass. They then threatened the driver, took his credit cards, watch and the car’s CD player.

Five minutes later, in the throes of a fourth assault, the gang were again threatening a couple in their car after blocking them in a car park – but the robbers made a hasty retreat as two cars appeared looking for parking spaces.