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Armed gang robs thousands from Esegur armoured truck “in heart of Lisbon”

Four armed men wearing balaclavas ambushed an Essegur armoured truck on Monday night, escaping with bags containing thousands of euros, writes Correio da Manhã.

Police have admitted it was a surgically executed attack, “prepared to the last detail”. It began shortly before 11pm, as the two Esegur employees inside the truck were collecting money from Decathlon, in Avenida António Augusto Aguiar, near El Corte Inglês.

As CM explains, this is the very heart of Lisbon – covered by CCTV cameras and usually full of people.

When the Esegur men prepared to drive off, the gang of four “barred their way”, pointing guns and “threatening their victims to hand over the bags” of money.

CM claims two members of the gang held guns to the Esegur employees’ heads, as the others collected the money.

“In a few seconds, the men had plundered the money and the four returned to the car in which they had arrived and which had blocked the armoured vehicle.

“Neither of the two security men was hurt”, adds the paper.

Police called to the scene actioned the PJ’s counter terrorism unit, but according to CM today, the four men “remain at large”.

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