Armed gang causes panic at Loures school

An armed gang of around 10 people caused panic at the José Cardoso Pires secondary school in Loures on Tuesday (November 16) when they were barred from entering.

The group reacted violently and starting “throwing glass bottles into the school” and using firearms to “fire several shots”, one of which hit a 16-year-old in the knee.

Reports Jornal de Notícias, the youngster was not a student at the school and was there to perform with his music group. He was taken to Beatriz Ângelo Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries.

The newspaper adds that the case may be related to gang rivalry. The band that was invited to perform at the school, described as a ‘drill’ music group (a genre inspired by trap rap music and known for its violent lyrics), is reportedly a rival of the attackers.

PSP police are said to be searching for the culprits.