Armed duo carries out wave of violent assaults in Aveiro

Police have issued an alert over two young men believed to be behind a wave of violent assaults in the central district of Aveiro.

The attacks began in July with a 20-second raid on a bakery in Cucujães, Oliveira de Azeméis, that netted over €600.

Since then, the men armed variously with either a knife or what looks like a gun, have been “spreading terror” as they target people using ATMs, leaving their homes, running businesses or simply walking in the streets.

According to press reports, there have been at least 10 attacks in the last month, with GNR and PSP police with few leads to go on.

Thus far CCTV cameras have failed to capture any helpful images.

However, one attack, on a 64-year-old shopkeeper, was foiled by locals after they heard the woman’s screams.

The men leapt on to a motorcycle and made off empty-handed. Previously, they had been using a stolen car for their getaways.