Armação de Pêra clean up

Silves council has removed the rubble left behind by road works along Avenida Beira Mar in Armação de Pêra after the threat of action by the beachfront Hotel Garbe.

Following the end of the road works, the hotel management made several requests to the council to clean up the rubble, which presented a danger to employees and visitors as well as being unsightly during the summer season.

The hotel finally announced that it was going to take matters into its own hands as staff armed with 50 brooms were due to take to streets and clean the mess themselves.

Within 24 hours of the public announcement, Silves council employees arrived and cleaned up the avenue.

A spokesman from the Hotel Garbe thanked Silves council for its prompt response but said: “We regret that we had to take such action to avoid further threats to the lives of our employees and their families, who are so dependent upon tourism at this time of year.”