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Architecture meets nature – by Studio Arte

Our philosophy is simple: Creating harmony between human civilisation and the natural environment we live in.

The essence of this philosophy is to create an unbreakable relationship between the building and the ecosystem it inhabits. It’s a cultural approach, promoting a new way of living: more efficient, harmonious, responsible and sustainable.

Our architectural philosophy is rooted deep into our past and draws its principles and teachings from the traditional building techniques that people relied on when technology wasn’t an option, and nature was seen for what it still is: the best technology available.

Thanks to this synergy, we are able to create beautiful houses, fully integrated in the landscape they inhabit, energetically efficient and eco-friendly, where all comforts are guaranteed and the partnership between man and nature is restored in a mutually respectful and beneficial alliance.

When designing your home, we combine the principles of bioclimatic and regenerative architecture. Embracing the low impact approach of bioclimatic architecture and take it one step further, focusing not exclusively on reducing the environmental impact of buildings, but treating the environment as an equal partner in architecture.

We choose bioclimatic regenerative architecture. We create spaces to improve human lives. Constantly learning and searching to grasp the true meaning of sustainable architecture. Respecting native materials and constantly evolving ecological studies.

We live in a world where architectural boundaries need to be pushed in order to build a vision and embody the simplicity of beauty and life in lines, curves and shapes that translate into an environment for you to thrive in and live better.

Redefining the way we live means not only reducing our carbon footprint but also improving the quality of our life. Bioclimatic regenerative architecture is simply modern architecture made aware of what was forsaken during the craze of the past century, mature enough to understand what the lessons of the past are and eager to reinvent them in the light of the present.

It’s a form of architecture that acknowledges the past and yet takes responsibility for the future.

It’s the understanding that past and present aren’t incompatible, that walking into the future doesn’t require us to discard our ancestors’ heritage, that being green doesn’t mean renouncing modern aesthetic and comfort. It’s a holistic approach that reconciles and brings together all the best technical architectural achievements in human history and carefully selects and implements what can work best in a specific environment.

Here at Studio Arte, architecture serves life first, since it enables the betterment of human lifestyle and interaction. We draw inspiration from the beautiful country we live in, from the stories its buildings tell us, and from the canvas that the nature around us provides.

Studio Arte

Address: Rua 5 de Outubro 49 RC, 8500-581 Portimão (Portugal)

Telephone: +351 282 445 776 (chamada para rede fixa nacional)   

Email: [email protected]


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