Archers on target in the Algarve

For anyone who has ever wanted to pick up a bow and arrow, or for those who are experienced in the art of archery, a new club catering for the needs of archers of all levels is due to open on September 10 from the Clube de Tiro, O Pinhal in Vale de Pêra.

The club, to be known as the Arqueiros do Algarve, will offer coaching for beginners while there will also be in club competitions and equipment for hire and sale.

Shooting facilities will also be available at the club on Tuesdays and Sundays with club competitions to take place using a handicap system similar to the one used in golf.

Meanwhile, as the club grows, organiser Peter Goodland hopes to enable archers to be able to shoot both target and field disciplines.

An open morning to introduce the club to interested members of the community will take place at O Pinhal on September 8 from 10am.

For further information about the Arqueiros do Algarve club or to arrange an introductory session, please call 968 670 050.