Archaeological lectures

Lectures about the Citânia de Briteiros and the late Iron Age of north western Portugal will be taking place in Lagoa and São Bras on February 1.

Gonçalo Cruz, a professional archaeologist who is in charge of the excavations at Citânia de Briteiros, in the Guimarães council in the north of Portugal, and an associate of the Martins Sarmento Society, will be examining the most recent interpretations stated about the settlement, mainly excavated in the 19th and mid 20th centuries.

He will also be exploring the emergence of the first urban context between the 2nd and mid 1st centuries BC with the central content of the talk including large aspects of daily life, economic activities, religion, war and political affairs and the main reasons for the abandonment of the ancient settlement.

The talk in São Brás will be held at the museum from 2.30pm with lunch available beforehand while the second lecture will be held at the Convent in Lagoa at 6.30pm with a dinner after the talk.

The lectures are open to everyone with non members asked to pay a €5 admission fee.

Money raised from the lectures goes towards archaeological works undertaken throughout Portugal.

For further information about the talks, please call 917 267 948