Archaeological finds in Faro council

Four farms of the Late Antiquity and Modern Age eras and some ancient pottery have been discovered in the rural parts of the Faro area by a team of experts.

Nuno Beja, one of the archaeologists, told Lusa news agency: “We found four farms, habitations with land suitable for

rural activity.”

Two houses are believed to date from the fifth and sixth centuries (Late Antiquity) and the other two are from the Modern Age (XVI and XVII centuries).

Researchers have also found a chapel, and other 529 archaeological remains such as water mills and wells.  

“These findings will let us know in advance the locations that hold archaeological remains and some will be added to the Archaeological Map of the Municipality of Faro,” said Nuno Beja.

“The second phase of the works will include the photographic and graphic data of the finds and works of conservation and classification, which will allow the structures to be integrated in the Muncipal Master Plan (PDM) of Faro council.”