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Araminta Spook’s Vampire Brat


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Moving on to ages seven to nine, Araminta Spook’s Vampire Brat by Angie Sage at 9.50 euros should be read with the lights on! What’s lurking in the basement? Araminta thinks something horrible is hiding in the deep, secret passages of Spook House – perhaps it’s a werewolf!

To make matters worse, Uncle Drac’s creepy nephew, Max, has arrived and is now Wanda’s new best friend. Araminta finds him very annoying and comes up with a cunning plan to reveal that there is more to Max than meets the eye. She also makes a plan for what to do with the werewolf but some plans don’t always work out how you think! This is part of a series featuring Araminta Spook so if your child enjoys this, there’s a whole lot more spooky fun to be had.