ARA presents heartwarming video of how all animal shelters could be… if there was just the political will

ARA – Animal Rescue Algarve – has just presented a heartwarming 17-minute video on how all animal shelters in Portugal could be, if only there was the political will.

Get out a box of hankies and click on the video below for a birds eye view of ‘Cabanita’ – the ecologically-built rescue centre that has already found forever homes for so many discarded creatures.

As we wrote some months ago, ‘Cabanita’ has a winning formula for socialising the animals that find it thus making it much easier for them to be taken in by families and new owners.

But for purely bureaucratic reasons, the local council has ordered the shelter’s demolition – something owner Sid Richardson is fighting against tooth-and-nail (click here).

The video however mentions nothing of the behind-scenes difficulties. It only shows that solutions to an historic problem of animal disrespect exist and could so easily be replicated if municipal and indeed government entities made the effort to change their inadequate approach.

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