Aquashow employee accused of stabbing young man in love triangle

An Aquashow employee is accused of stabbing a young man on Sunday afternoon (August 28) following a feud over the victim’s girlfriend.

The argument started inside the Quarteira water park when the employee allegedly “provoked” the girl, according to national tabloid Correio da Manhã. This led to a “heated exchange of words” between the young men, both described as in their 20s and Portuguese.

The dispute continued outside the park when the young man was leaving with his girlfriend. He was allegedly approached by the employee and stabbed in the stomach.

According to TVI news channel, the worker claims the knife belonged to the victim and that he was acting in self-defence.

GNR police are investigating. The employee has been made an ‘arguido’ (official suspect) and will await further developments in freedom, GNR spokesperson José Palhau told the Resident.

The victim remains at Faro Hospital, though he is no longer in intensive care.

Speaking to TVI, the victim’s mother said the stab wound was just five centimetres away from her son’s heart.

“It could have killed him.”

Aquashow spokesperson Jorge Passarinho refused to provide many details about the staff member, saying he has “only worked at the theme park this summer” and will continue to do so until the police investigation ends.

He added the situation happened outside the employee’s working hours and outside the park.

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