APRIL New Products

APRIL New Products:

Available from April 12, 2006 at ‘Let the Magic In’  in Algoz.

Branston Baked Beans – 415g – 0.99¤ (special offer price during April).

Crosse & Blackwell have launched Branston Baked Beans in the UK – describing them as “classic baked beans in a rich and tasty tomato sauce”.  This new product is selling one in 10, of all baked beans cans in the UK – a £230 million a year market.

Premier Foods claim the beans have 20 per cent more tomatoes and that they are rated more highly than the leading brand in “blind tests”.  In one test, involving 750,000 people, 76 per cent preferred Branston Beans! Try them for yourself and see!

Marmite Squeezy – 200g – 5.40¤

Those who love it will be delighted, those who don’t will wonder what all the fuss is about!  Marmite is now available in an upside down squeezy jar.  It means butter and crumbs will no longer wreck the contents of the jar – everyone will know about this one!

Marmite spent five years – yes, five years – developing the squeezable version and they claim it is the biggest change in its 104 year history.

Marmite aficionados may notice a very slightly thinner texture, but there is no taste difference and it certainly makes life easier!