Appeal for Rodinhas

An appeal has been launched by Cadela Carlota Dog Rescue Association to raise funds for Rodinhas, a small, happy and sociable five-year-old dog that needs a set of wheels to get around and a number of operations have meant high veterinary bills. This is his story…

On December 29, Cadela Carlota received a call from Lagos kennel about a dog called Rodinhas.

It was a mystery why Rodinhas had been left at the Canil in the first place. However, things started to look brighter for him when he got adopted and taken to his new home in Lagos. Sadly, within a few days, Rodinhas was back at the Canil because his new owner said he was losing the use of his hind legs.

Cadela Carlota was asked to step in and immediately took him to several veterinary clinics for evaluation and diagnosis. During this three-week process, Rodinhas’ condition was deteriorating and he was in obvious pain and distress. At this point, he’d lost all feeling in his paws and was completely paralysed from his middle back section.

As a last hope, Cadela Carlota took him to Villapet clinic in Praia do Carvoeiro. A CT scan revealed that Rodinhas had a very large hernia which was compressing his spinal cord.

Throughout all the examinations he had to endure, Rodinhas was never anything other than sweet, obedient and cooperative. Because of the special nature, courage and gratitude Rodinhas continued to display throughout this lengthy and difficult process, the decision was taken to operate on him to remove the herniated disc.

After three hours of delicate and difficult surgery, Rodinhas came through and within a few days was fitted with wheels.

As part of his recovery, he is receiving physiotherapy and acupuncture. He has also shown very slight tail wagging movement and there is now hope that he might eventually get some use of his hind legs back.

The Cadela Carlota Association is now trying to find a foster or forever home for Rodinhas. They are also appealing for any financial support to help cover the veterinary costs of €867.39.

Any donations can either be transferred to the Cadela Carlota Bank Account PT50 003601799910005324002 BIC SWIFT: MPIOPTPL or paid directly to Clinica Villapet, located at Rua do Barranco, Lote 9 Loja D, Praia do Carvoeiro. Tel 282 358 313